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Securing WebApps with Elevation of Privilege Game

Tuesday June 19, 2018 by Luciano Ferrari

Usually when a company starts a new software project they don’t include a security mindset in any of the stages of the SDLC and if they do these events take place at the end of project. This approach is a recipe for disaster. As everyone in the software development business know making design changes in the middle or at the end of a project is expensive. Around 50% of the security incidents are due to design failures. In order to tackle these situations from scratch we must embrace the concept of Secure by Design and include it in our SDLC. 👏👏.

5 Tips to make your React/Redux app more Testable/Debuggable

Friday May 4, 2018 by Christian Bouvier

In Octobot we ❤️ React and Redux for many reasons, but one of the most important for us is its ease of testability. As developers, we MUST debug and test our code to guarantee that it is working as expected throughout time, but debugging/testing is not always a pleasant task… the following tips can make it easier (hope so)

Freelancer or Software development company

Monday April 30, 2018 by Milagros Elhordoy

Once a software idea comes into your mind, the next step to define is: who is going to develop it? The 2 main options you can consider for this are: a Freelancer or a Software Development Company, also known as Software Development Agency. In this post, we wll explain you the main difference between them, and the advantages and disadvantages each one present.

Which is the best option Onshore, Nearshore or Offshore?

Wednesday September 27, 2017 by Milagros Elhordoy

Nowadays, it is very common that businesses, universities, non profit organizations and startups, outsource a company, to develop their web or mobile products. When we talk about outsourcing, there are different options we can afford such as: onshore, nearshore and offshore. These options can be taken into an account when we are out of time or money.

Internationalization in Angularjs

Thursday September 21, 2017 by Verónica Martínez

On several occasions in our projects internationalization has been required. This is something worth considering from the start, since the effort to add it later on is much higher. In this post we’ll discuss our approach to this requirement on both the front and backend sides. Why should this be done from the start? The main reason is that you will have to change how you handle both static and dynamic strings in your application, because they will need to be replaced with identifiers.

Px, EM or REM

Thursday July 27, 2017 by Carmela Beiro

In CSS there are different units of measurement that can be used for expressing length, among which are pixels, EMs, REMs and percentages. So this raises the question, which one of them should be used? Pixels (px) are the simplest and most commonly used unit of measurement by developers. They are great for getting pixel perfect designs as they are absolute length units, they always represent the same fixed size.

Octobot Ranked as Top Web & Mobile App Developer by Clutch

Thursday July 20, 2017 by Juan Saavedra

Our experience working with clients is something we are very proud of, and our clients are proud of our results too. Recently, some of our clients spoke about their experiences working with us and identified us as one of Clutch’s top web & mobile application developers, in Latin America.

Elasticsearch decay functions

Monday June 26, 2017 by Verónica Martínez

In one of our recent projects we had to present users with a list of business establishments, usually filtered by category. This could simply be achieved with a filter, but it would hardly be useful for a user to receive a randomly ordered list of places. Considering all this information was stored in an Elasticsearch index, we decided to take advantage of Elasticsearch’s relevance scoring. The places have some interesting attributes that would help us present them more efficiently to the users.