Valentine’s Day Tips: How to Make Users Fall in Love with Your Product

How our UX/UI Experts create unique and outstanding solutions.

UI Design Expert

We are in the Valentine’s Day mood and we want to share some best practices that will get your users to love your solution and be loyal to your brand. Or even better, encourage them to advocate for your product and support your business’ growth. Let’s move on to the tips!

Don’t guess what your users are thinking; listen to them

This should be a key part of your process, because it will help you deliver on what your users want, therefore retaining current users and gaining more. You should focus on understanding your users and listening to them  throughout the product development process,  not just at the beginning. Initial research is crucial, and stable communication is what will set you apart from other solutions. An example we love: Figma, they seem to know what we need even before we do.

Give space to your users to express themselves

As a follow-up to the first suggestion, it’s even better if communication flows both ways and you can offer your users a clear path to reach out with feedback. If you don’t have a clear way to obtain feedback, you are missing out on valuable data that could help your solution be more relevant. On top of that, offering your users open communication will show them that they can count on your support if they need any help with your platform.

Figma feedback form

Go the extra mile for your users

Giving your users an extra hand by suggesting their next steps in your platform will make their experience flow much smoother. For example, we really like Linear, a sprint-planning platform that predicts our next steps and helps organize our tasks,  creating new sprints once we mark previous tasks as complete.

Think about details that will spark your users‘ emotions

Extra touches to make your platform more engaging could be a plus. When you are designing a platform, focus on avoiding the user’s frustration but also pay attention to the opportunities you have to evoke positive emotions in them. This could take many forms; one example we really like is Asana, where every completed task triggers an animation or reward. This is also a great opportunity to show your brand’s personality, which will make your users connect with you in an emotional way.

Asana animations by Stout Design

Be consistent with what you communicate to your users

Great platforms work hard to build and maintain a consistent experience throughout all interactions. This involves not only your design team but also development, QA, marketing, etc. Everyone should be aligned to not only offer the user a good experience, but also make a recognizable and loved brand. Think for example Airbnb. They take every opportunity of interaction with users, from ux writing to email notifications, to show their brand and add value to the experience.

Airbnb email

Support your users as they get to know your platform

Platforms should be easy to use, but that doesn’t mean they don’t require some learning. The key here is how you walk your users through the learning curve: generic instructions can be boring or confusing, while a more specific and timely guide will help your users complete their tasks more easily. A cool example is Notion: they use spaces that other platforms leave empty and use them to share bits of information that help the users learn how to work with the app, such as reminding them how to access shortcuts or commands.


How we do it at Octobot

Our design team is involved in our clients’ projects from the beginning, and works to ensure that all these principles are met. They help our clients understand their users in depth, and always define tasks based on that.

We collect user feedback to refine the solution; and after the launch, the design team continues to support the process to achieve continuous iteration and evolution. This helps our clients stay ahead of the competition and ensures their users are satisfied and always choose to stay.

In conclusion, keeping the users at the center of your solution is the way to win. If you need help becoming their perfect match, reach out!

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