Make sure the digital product is the best it can be.

You don't want to gamble with your product quality

To reinforce software developers’ quality best practices, the Quality Studio is available to add an extra layer of testing to the development. With manual and automated strategies, and working in an Agile and dynamic way, we guarantee that your users will enjoy a seamless digital experience.

Our QA Engineers are constantly reviewing code to find bugs before your users do. They work in conjunction with your needs: starting from the big scheme and transitioning to more detailed tasks, or adding tests as the solution grows. Octobot’s QA professionals are passionate about testing, critical thinkers, and attentive to details.

The QA process safeguards your project's time and budget by identifying and fixing issues before launch, and allows your development team to stay focused on coding, speeding up the overall development process.

Level up your product's testing with an additional layer

Manual QA engineers

Some repetitive, high-frequency tests can be easy to automate; but for a more detailed analysis of a platform, manual testing is the right way to go.

This requires a lot of critical thinking, and problem-solving skills from the professionals that are performing these tasks, because it means picking into a platform to find mistakes, and then figuring out the reason for  those mistakes.

Our QA engineers follow the best quality processes and execute them over Regression Testing, Test Cases Implementation, Integration Testing, Bugs Classification and Regression, and more.

SDET ready to go

A Software Development Engineer in Test is responsible for the creation of automated test frameworks. They are the ones writing the code to improve the accuracy and performance of the testing. This role is at the intersection of testing and development skills, and requires knowledge and experience in both areas.

We are ready to fulfill our clients’ automation needs with senior SDETs that will make sure the testing processes are smooth and accurate.

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