Life at Octobot

What it’s like to be part of our product development company

Octobot was created in 2014 by three friends that shared a passion for software

They believed in the power of technology to improve people’s lives. Each founder brought a different set of complementary skills that, combined, were key to establishing a strong foundation.

Today, we are 60+ professionals strong, working together and learning from each other every day. Our talent spans software development, design, product management, operations, marketing, talent management and more. Get to know us!

Our culture is fast-paced, flexible, collaborative and guided by a set of shared values. We operate in small, dedicated teams that work side by side under an agile approach to provide our clients with winning product development services.

Want to be part of our future?

Our product development company transforms people’s lives by providing stellar digital experiences. We envision a growing future with more team members, clients and stakeholders; more ambitious projects based on the latest technologies; and finally, more digital products that improve the way people live and work.

product development company
product development company
A day at Octobot

A day at Octobot

Work from home or in the office. Conversations flow through Slack and Zoom and the melodic sound of keyboard clacks and mouse clicks is always there. We have focused work times, as well as breaks to chill. Everyone is encouraged to set their own routine and work time. The only thing that never changes is our connectivity and willingness to support each other.

In our last internal satisfaction survey, camaraderie and a sense of belonging were the main things our team highlighted, followed by respect and carefulness.

product development company

When we asked about life in Octobot, this is what was said:

When we asked about life in Octobot, this is what was said:

Some of the things you can expect from working with us:

Do what you love

We work in a dynamic environment, full of opportunities to innovate. Everyone in Octobot is encouraged to learn from their peers and improve their skills constantly. We support our people by investing in courses and educational materials, as well as inviting them to check out the latest trendy technologies in our R+D initiatives.

Grow your skills

We work with great teammates here in Uruguay and also partner with inspiring businesses and professionals in the U.S. As we foster a global culture, everyone has opportunities to travel, participate in international events and learn from different realities.

Create your own path

Our team members are welcome to explore their passions and become experts in their areas supported by our Career Framework, a tool from our Playbook that helps us define a growth path inside the company. We have frequent feedback sessions where you and your leader will evaluate your performance, set goals and grow.

Our perks

Educational support

Count on our financial aid to take that course or buy that book. We also host fortnightly talks facilitated by team members in which we share knowledge.

Longer vacation leave

You know the 20-days annual leave we have in Uruguay? We do not count the Saturdays from this total so you can enjoy a longer vacation!

Extra study days

We want you to pass those exams! That’s why we offer 3 extra Study Leave days so you can take your time to study and ace all the tests.

Fruit, coffee and yerba

A fan of yogurt, cereal and fruit? Does your energy come from coffee or yerba? Take’em for free from Octobot’s kitchen!

Referral bonus

If you present a candidate for a job position with a Senior profile (4+ years of experience) and the person passes the first 3 months of trial, you’ll receive a bonus of USD $1,000.

Remote & flexible work

Trust and commitment are part of our culture. Thus we give freedom and flexibility regarding where you work or your working time.

Fun activities

We have special events to hang out and have fun together, such as Happy Hours, birthday parties, games, team lunches and more.

Surprise special dates

On special occasions such as Father’s and Mother’s day, Christmas, your work anniversary, and others, we reward our team with something nice.

Fitness sponsorship

We offer TuPase memberships to everyone on the team. With this app, you can take part in more than 150 classes and activities available in 300+ gyms and sports centers in Uruguay.

Other benefits

You’ll also have access to all the CUTI grants. And if you get paid via our free Santander Salary Account you get all Santander Benefits.

Community resources

Our Blog and Open Source materials are always available for you to check out or even contribute. We share more about our culture and processes in our Playbook, check it out!!

This is us! Is this you?

If you think so, send us your CV!