A New Chapter

Octobot's Acquisition Story with Sparq

spark's visit to the octobot team in Montevideo

In a video interview, Luciano Ferrari and Guillermo Perez founders of Octobot joined Monty Hamilton and Ingrid Curtis (CEO and President) of Sparq to discuss the recent acquisition of Octobot.

Octobot was founded in 2014 to do things differently in the tech industry. The company’s success is attributed to its dedicated and enthusiastic team, which shares similar values to Sparq.

The acquisition strengthens Sparq’s presence in Latin America and expands its capabilities by bringing in talent from both the US and Latin America. This move was made in response to customer demand for a diverse range of talent and to leverage emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

Looking ahead, the company aims to double in size over the next three to five years. The acquisition marks an important milestone in Octobot’s journey toward innovation, collaboration, and continued success.

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