Octobot Sponsors Another Edition of DjangoCon US

We’ll be joining the 2022 conference as speakers and sponsors

DjangoCon team picture.

We’re extremely excited about the DjangoCon 2022, which will be taking place from October 16th to 21st in San Diego, California. This year we’ll be joining the conference as sponsors and also as speakers, since three of our software developers will be giving Talks at the event. 

In case you didn’t know, DjangoCon US is an international conference “for the community, by the community”, where everyone who works or likes to play with Django can join and learn from each other. Attendees can expand their skills alongside their peers in Tutorials and Talks, and even contribute to improving the Django framework during the Sprints days. You can join DjangoCon 2022 in person (and meet our team there!) or online, since the event has both modalities and many of the presencial talks will be streamed live. In the 2022 edition, over 40 speakers have been selected, including our own Octoboters:

There will also be Lightning Talks each day, which are a time when in-person attendees can take the stage and give a five minute talk on a subject of their choice. These will be streamed as well.

Octobot has a history with Django (and also Python) as it’s our number one choice for making the most out of Python. It’s a flexible, adaptable, and useful framework that our Full Stack developers know by heart. We can’t wait to learn more about Django and other tools, as well as share our own experiences with others.

We are flying to San Diego in a few weeks, so remember to follow us on Instagram to receive updates from the event. And if you’re attending DjangoCon too, let us know! Maybe we can grab a coffee and exchange some ideas in person.

You can find more info about the event here and also we have recorded an episode of our podcast Octobot Tech Talks for Spanish speakers about the DjangoCon 2022 and what it was like to experience the conference by the speakers.

Check out one of our talks during DjangoCon 2019 in the video below:

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