Customer Spotlight: Justin Tinkle, SendEngage

Transformative Collaboration with Octobot

UI Design Expert

Join us in exploring the firsthand account of a valued client who shares their exceptional experience working with us and the profound impact it had on their business.

For the creation of SendEngage, we curated a versatile team encompassing skills from our development, design, SRE, Product Delivery, and QA studios. The engagement commenced with a technical discovery process, where our dedicated software engineers delved into understanding the optimal approach to seamlessly connect with multiple email inboxes and execute massive campaigns. The foundation of the platform’s scalability was built upon this initial research, driven by the team’s commitment.

Once the technical aspects were validated, our design team collaborated closely with the founder to refine assumptions and establish an intuitive UX and UI for SendEngage. Our design initiatives, including benchmarking and user interviews, played a pivotal role in shaping the project. We also aided Tinkle in defining its startup brand and crafting a distinctive logo, color palette, and other elements that enrich both the application and its landing page.

Over a year of collaborative effort, we dynamically expanded our team to meet the project’s evolving needs and supported the startup in its successful launch to early adopters. In a recent review, Tinkle expressed, “The quality of Octobot’s work is very good […] they create quality systems that can endure.”

Our journey doesn’t end there; we’re currently engrossed in iterating the product, incorporating new features, and refining the platform based on valuable feedback from beta users. As we push the boundaries, we’re also venturing into the realm of AI within SendEngage, aiming to identify positive sentiments towards campaign content faster and with enhanced accuracy.

Stay tuned as we continue to innovate and elevate the SendEngage experience! 🚀

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