Why us

Our hiring process

How we attract and engage with the very best.

We’re picky and we don’t settle for less than great

The sweet spot that our Talent Acquisition team looks for when software development talent lies in the connection between high technical level and cultural alignment. Inviting someone to join our team is the result of a meticulous yet empathetic process that starts when the candidate first gets in touch with the Octobot brand until they are hired and live the Octobot experience.

How does our recruitment process work?

1. Application

Thanks to our employer branding initiatives in the countries we operate, we receive frequent applications from skilled candidates. On top of that, our Talent Acquisition team proactively looks for professionals that fulfill our requirements and reach out to them through LinkedIn.

2. Cultural interview

Our first interview is a conversation between a member of the Talent Acquisition team and the candidate to check if the person matches our company culture. We assess their soft skills and whether or not their characteristics and behaviors are in accordance with our values.

3. English interview

In this stage, we intend to assess the candidate's English level. We take our time to make sure they can express themselves and understand the English language at a proficient level.

4. Technical evaluation

It's divided in 3 parts and led by our CTO and/or senior tech leads. The first part aims at understanding the candidate's experience and projects he's been involved in; the second is a tech architectural test; and finally, in the third part we do a live coding interview with different challenges according to the candidate's seniority.

5. Onboarding

Based on the feedback of everyone involved in this whole process, we send the approved candidate a job offer. We make sure our new team members settle quickly and with confidence through an onboarding process that can include a bootcamp, mentorship, and other induction activities.

Our employer branding initiatives capture the attention of the best candidates

A Great Place to Work

We are a fantastic place to work and we showcase that constantly through our social media. Through our internal referral program, we encourage our teammates to refer their friends to join Octobot when they are a good fit.

From 100 interviews we make, only 7 candidates are hired.
Software developers working.
It takes 2-3 weeks to send a job offer after we publish a new position.

Sharing is caring

We love to share our experiences transforming people’s digital experiences with the tech community through our podcast, the Octobot Tech Talks, our blog, and more.

Octobot's meetup.
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Octobot's meetup.
Octobot's meetup.
Octobot's meetup.
UX team working together.
Three women dev team in Octobot.

Our culture of excellence guarantees motivation and loyalty over time

A healthy, fun work environment

Our people can work from anywhere and the office’s doors are always open. Many initiatives are in place for fostering the team’s integration, such as happy hours, special meals, team building events, etc.

We never stop learning

Education is a pillar of Octobot, so we provide support for everyone who wants to keep elevating their game. We invest in courses, workshops, and materials, and we also give our team members the time within their work hours to access these resources.

Two coworkers having a call.
Team having a team building activity.
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Team playing a team building game.
Team bonding over an event.
Octobot's podcast session.
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The final result is an increased talent density

We recruit the best talent for each position based on set criteria and personal assessment. It’s fantastic to see how the professionals we hire evolve their potential by collaborating with the great people who are already part of the team. It’s a win-win situation that boosts our talent density and delivers winning results to our clients.

Life at Octobot

What it’s like to be part of our crew.


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