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We're an agile software development company: startup mindset and global-level growth

Agile software development that delivers on your business goals

We’ve worked on 150+ projects for startups, governments, nonprofits and established companies. We believe in long lasting relationships that are based on mutual growth and game-changing products. This is how we established a legacy of working with long-standing clients and achieved 98% customer satisfaction index:

Start small

According to research by the Standish Group, small projects are almost four times more successful because they are easier to tackle by high-performing teams. We’ve experienced first hand that starting small allows our partnerships to establish positive foundations to get results as fast as possible before scaling up.

Set up a dedicated team

Our teams are 100% dedicated to one project at a time in order to stay focused and engage fully with the client. We’re continuously hiring new talent, but only 7 people out of 100 interviews get hired - we go for the best professionals.

agile software development company
Own the project

We’ll become your product’s #1 advocates and will do everything in our power to deliver the best solutions. With respect, we challenge assumptions and push back on requirements if we see a better way, always with our clients’ best interests at heart.

Be transparent

Octobot was envisioned as an agile company and applying Scrum’s values such as transparency comes naturally to us. We continuously show our work and share our decisions to ensure they are in alignment with your business priorities. Tools like PivotalTracker, Slack and GitLab are some of our favorites to communicate frequently and openly.

Agile collaboration
all the way

Agile collaboration all the way

Our software development process follows the Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) methodology, which helps us fulfill the project scope successfully. Combined with Scrum, we’re able to provide a fast time to market and fine-tune features while ensuring alignment between strategy, design, and development. Our iterative process goes from prototyping to launching the final product, and constantly refining the solution.

agile software development company
agile software development company
More than vendors, partners

As a collaborative process, we work side by side with our clients, defining the roadmap, prioritizing features, and continuously testing and improving the product. Our developers collaborate with designers and other stakeholders at every stage, resulting in apps that are expertly built and offer a seamless experience.

Constant evolution in 1-week iterations

Our work is based on incremental sprints that last one week. Everything starts in a Planning meeting when we decide what we’re going to work on and divide responsibilities. By the end of the week, we present our advances to the client in a demo and discuss next priorities. At the end of each sprint, devs validate their stories with a series of automated and manual tests, and later deploy the improvements.

Agile software development practices:

Decision-making process

Our devs follow the 12 Factors set of principles and make decisions based on insightful exercises such as the Elevation of Privilege game


The Playbook reunites our guiding principles and how to proceed in our daily work

Design System

Designers and developers collaborate through a Design System

CI/CD practices

Our CI/CD practices elevate our efficiency in building, testing, and deploying


We rely on cloud solutions for minimizing costs, accelerating timelines, and uplifting performance and security

Agile pod structure

For each project we tackle, we assemble a pod, which is composed by a core team that will be fully dedicated to the project during its whole execution. Over time, the core team can be complemented by other roles and capacities according to the project’s needs. The pod structure gives us the necessary flexibility to provide our clients with the skills they require, whenever they need them.

Core team

A full time team dedicated throughout the project execution.

Support team

Optional roles that join efforts with the core team when necessary.

Core team

A full time team dedicated throughout the project execution.

Support team

Optional roles that join efforts with the core team when necessary.

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