Product Delivery

Seamless project execution from start to finish

A successful development project requires meticulous coordination and strong leadership

The Product Delivery Studio provides a hybrid of product and project management, along with client relationship coordination. The Delivery Lead’s role ensures proper project execution and great outcome by tracking scope, timeline and budget, and facilitating communication. You'll feel connected to team members under a common goal, with uninterrupted workflow.

Deliver on time and on budget

Facilitating interaction between client and team

The Delivery Lead is the main point of contact between  team members and client's stakeholders. Their role is to foster collaboration to achieve shared goals. In kind, the Delivery Lead facilitates conversations, leads meeting discussions, and keeps strategic track of the project's scope.

Avoid problems by reporting efficiently

Another important role of the Delivery Lead is to report the project’s evolution to our clients frequently; information should be transparent so everyone can appreciate it. Consider creating data-driven reports using BI tools that integrate with Jira for generating reports with information such as sprint evolution, bugs and issues found and corrected, backlog state, among others.

Take care of the team performing the magic

Finally, the Delivery Lead is also responsible for the team's professional development. This heavily boosts our team satisfaction and retention. Some of the initiatives led by Delivery Leads, with this in mind, are facilitating performance evaluations to team members – fostering a feedback culture based on Radical Candor, onboarding and offboarding team members, etc.

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