Staff Augmentation

Scale your team and boost your in-house capacity.

Overcoming your software challenge is often a matter of talent density

It may be time to boost your in-house capacity when you face one of these situations: a tight deadline, an extensive backlog, or a specific skill you need to find and onboard quickly. And, of course, these are just some of the issues faced during the development of a digital product.

That’s when a tech partner such as Octobot comes in handy. As a staff augmentation agency, we help your business expand its operations by delegating part or all of the development projects to our experts.

Staff augmentation can accelerate your product delivery by leveling up your capacity while fully integrating with your in-house team. Our pool of talented developers, designers, and product experts will become part of your existing team to help your product and business succeed.

Besides finding high-level talent, being our outsourcing partner also allows you to avoid the recruiting, onboarding, and administrative overheads.

The right people & the right culture

Outsource your software project and get the best professionals without investing too much time and money in extensive recruitment. Our high talent density, proven work culture, and agile methodology puts us in the top tier. Plus, avoid dealing with multiple service providers – we can help you centralize all your needs.

We believe in building teams based on a healthy work culture that fosters continuous feedback, transparency, and results-orientation. Thanks to frequent touchpoints and our dedicated professionals, you'll know what's happening every step of the way, from interviewing new team members to launching the final product.

We are ready to tackle projects with these technologies:

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Augment your team with the roles you need:

Full Stack Developer

Data Engineer

Product Designer

Engineering Lead

And more! If you need help finding other roles, reach out so we can plan it together.

How we deliver:

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Team assembling

Share your needs with us! We’ll implement the team configuration we believe is best and key you in to our available roles. If needed, we’ll recruit new team members to support your specific needs. Our HR team is continuously hiring tech talent that fits our requirements: excellent technical and communication skills, as well as a cultural match to our values.

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Onboarding & culture alignment

Once we assemble the right professionals for your project, they will join your operation, becoming even more of a teammate.

We bring fortified solutions to each client’s issues through a deep understanding of their market, product, and vision. Also, we take our time to connect and familiarize ourselves with your team culture and project goals.

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Besides technical knowledge, our team brings transparent communication, high standards, and fast adaptation. Working with us means integrating with our professionals, tools, and processes that are the result of 8+ years of experience in the industry.

Take a look at the products we’ve already built successfully:


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