Why us

Our culture

Agile work culture and values that inspire us go above and beyond

Our uniqueness lies in our shared values

The best teams are built of people that share the same values. Ours are what makes us different as an agile software development consulting:

Be committed

We are committed to our clients, taking on their projects as our own and striving for their success. We see beyond what is strictly necessary, thinking ahead and providing insights.

Build strong

We enjoy long-lasting relationships with our clients and our team. We build them on respect, honesty, solidarity, and fun, following agile work practices.

Think with empathy

We put ourselves in other people’s shoes and consider how our decisions impact them. We listen and seek to understand everyone involved in a project, from the client to the final user.

Keep high standards

We are proud of our work, team, and culture. Commitment to quality, professionalism, and innovation allows us to go beyond what is expected, grow together, and deliver amazing products.

Adapt to change

We embrace change in our mindset and attitude, always keeping an open mind. Our methods are agile and our tools are flexible.

The Octobot way

In 2014, three of us began a dream of building winning products. Today, we are 100+ team members committed to creating amazing software that impacts real people's lives. We work hard to create an environment where people feel welcome, respected, and challenged to grow. This is our agile work culture!

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