Building a different way to hire passionate people

The Client

Zealpath is a startup from the UK, with a clear goal: create an unconventional way of hiring by using case studies. They wanted to create a place for passionate people to search for new challenges and for managers to build teams faster.

Project Overview

Zealpath product managers had a clear idea of what they wanted their business customers and end users to experience, but they needed a team that helps them to transform those ideas into a real product. Therefore, the goal of the project was first to understand the business model and the value proposition, secondly work on the UX and UI experience, and finally built three responsive web applications.

Project Resolution

Using the Business Model Canvas and the Value Proposition Canvas, we first worked on understanding their idea, and provide feedback to improve it. Then, working very closely with Zealpath, we iterated over an initial set of designs to a clean and modern experience for the final users, that is aligned with the brand values. Finally, using AngularJS, AWS, and other popular services, such as Stripe for payments, mailchimp for transactional email marketing and Auth0 for user authentication, we developed three web applications, for the three personas that use Zealpath.

Areas we Covered
Social Authentication
Online Payments
Web Development
Email Campaigns
UX Designs
Tools and technologies
Python Django
Responsive web app

Client’s feedback

“We’ve had a great experience in the requirements process. Octobot wanted to understand the value proposition and add a business outlook. Our time zones work very well with them. Their dedication and client service is really good. They want us to be happy.”
Sergio Gutierrez
Sergio GutierrezCo-founder