Single Sign On & Multi Factor Authentication

The Client

AGESIC (Agencia de Gobierno Electrónico y Sociedad de la Información) is the National Agency for e-Government and Information Society in Uruguay. It works with technical autonomy to offer improved Information Technology and Communications (ITC) services to the citizens of Uruguay.

Project Overview

Despite being the second-smallest country in South America and holding only 3.3 million people, Uruguay is known for its innovation regarding technology and social policy. The country ranks first in Latin America in democracy, peace, transparency, quality of living and, since 2014, eGovernment. With the goal of keep improving their e-Government services, AGESIC contacted us to help them build a custom Single Sign On experience, that allowed citizens to access all the online services provided by the Uruguayan government with a unique account and strong security guarantees, thanks to the use of an electronic identification card.

Project Resolution

The final result is a custom authentication broker, built upon the OpenID protocol. This allows the end users to have one account, connecting with several third-party services, without exposing their password. The broker acts as an intermediary on behalf of the end user, providing the service with an access token that authorizes specific account information to be shared. Citizens can use different security factors during sign-up such as user and password or their electronic identification card. After sign-up they can increase their security level by adding extra security factors like hard and soft tokens or cloud digital certificates. Depending on the security level they have in the platform they will be able to access different third party services and perform different public and private transactions in a remotely, accessible and secure manner.

Areas we Covered
Multi Factor Authentication
Tools and technologies
Python Django
Responsive web app

Client’s feedback

“ Octobot have done an excellent quality work at affordable prices. We chose this company focusing mainly in their capabilities and, secondly on their prices. They organize in such an efficient way, that we haven't had any delays. Their ability to adapt to our needs, changes and even technologies was really impressive.”
Martín Fernández
Martín FernándezAGESIC Consultant