Empowering companies to win globally

The Client

Compas is a startup form Palo Alto, California. Their main objective is to help B2B SaaS Companies to grow their businesses globally.

Project Overview

COMPAS had a basic suite of software tools that gives B2B SaaS company a proven framework to deliver global results. Each tool was designed to help companies drive, collaborate on and visualize their global execution across all functional and geographic areas. We started to work alongside with them, with the objective of improve these tools, add new ones and update their backend technology adding robustness and scalability.

Project Resolution

We have worked with them in creating amazing new features for the app, many of them focused on the reporting side. This has helped them to identify opportunities and advantages for their customers.
At the same time, we have been working on creating a more comprehensive and robust support for new and existing features by adjusting and improving the data scheme and backend system in Parse, providing everybody a smoother and more complete experience.

Areas we Covered
Mobile development
Video processing
Tools and technologies
Python Django
Web App

Client’s feedback

“Octobot acted as our technical and design team, they adapted to what we wanted. It was hard for us to find someone who could adopt our processes and methodologies, tracking the metrics that we wanted to track, the other development shops were stricter.”
JD Carluccio
JD CarluccioProduct Owner