Empowering kids to make healthy choices

The Client

Founded in 2003 in Chicago, Common Threads was created to bring health and wellness to children, families and communities through cooking and nutrition education.

Project Overview

Common Threads wanted to reach new locations and improve engagement with participants in their existing programs.This implied reaching to new schools and families.
On the other hand, to the schools that were already involved, they wanted to offer them a better and more engaging experience.
That is what inspired them to create a web platform with games and interactive content to teach better eating habits to children and families.

Project Resolution

We had to work first in a set of wireframes and a base design in order to develop the features they envisioned, while prioritizing them and analyzing its impact on their users.
To support the content, an Angular.js webapp was developed while the games were created with Phaser.js. Also, tools for content and user management were developed to ease the work for their staff.
The end result is an attractive and fun experience for kids, that takes them through the whole journey of making the most delicious foods and learning what is important about nutrition and ingredients.

Areas we Covered
Mobile development
Video processing
Tools and technologies
Python Django
Web App

Client’s feedback

“Octobot would be a great partner for someone that has a clear idea of their goals. Despite our time difference, their team was responsive during our business hours. I appreciate the fact that I can ping their team just like I would any other colleague. Octobot met our deadlines and also came in early many times.”
Stephanie Folkens
Stephanie FolkensProgram Director