Enhancing your biking experience

The Client

Bycle is a startup from Miami. Their goal is to build the first bike mount that allows users to use their iPhone's GPS and video recording features simultaneously to document their journey.

Project Overview

Half of the product is an iOS app that opens when the phone is connected to the bike mount. Such an innovative product posed a series of technical challenges to be sorted. From recording geo data synchronized with video captures, to showing custom views with map overlays on video. All of this framed in the beautiful designs provided.

Project Resolution

The Bycle App collects, display, and combine all elements of the ride in a shareable video. The app integrates fitness data, route mapping, and video recording from the ride. Users can browse their videos by selecting points along the map of their route, rather than fast-forwarding and rewinding through a trivial timeline. A rider can go back to relive every moment of the route, minute by minute, mile by mile, calorie by calorie - and share this thrill with riders.

Areas we Covered
Mobile development
Video processing
Tools and technologies
Python Django
Web App

Client’s feedback

“Octobot's approach was very humane with incredible communication, accessibility, and reliability. The team was able to solve any problems within the course of a week, on average. We couldn't be happier with Octobot. It may sound too good to be true, but it's the reason we've kept working with them.”
Miguel Hidalgo
Miguel HidalgoCo-founder