Improving the online healthcare experience

The Client

AMSJ is a Medical care centre with approximately 50k patients present in more than 5 cities. Several clinics and a diagnosis centre make it the most important health institution in its state.

Project Overview

Attention for its affiliates was provided through the phone or in person at any of its locations. Looking into reducing waiting times and phone calls for appointment coordination and other administrative requests, AMSJ required the design and deploy of an autonomous solution for the users to request and select the best option for their appointment via the internet.

Project Resolution

This was extremely difficult from the UX perspective, since it had to provide a familiar feel and helpful experience to a wide array of people. It also had to work in several different devices with different interaction schemes, such as low - end mobile phones and desktop PCs.
Additionally, this was the first setup of a publicly available service from its already existing system through an API that had yet to be designed and developed.
Firstly, we understood the different scenarios that patients go through currently and how the information flow works in their system. Taking this into account, a whole UX interactive design was presented based on the two most frequent cases and a survey of similar alternatives. This presented a great opportunity to discuss alternatives internally with key users.
The result is a very intuitive small footprint Angular.js app that support most of the cases and has an extra attention to detail in the consistency of information and error messages, to guide users and relay a safety feeling to them.

Areas we Covered
UX & UI Design
API Rest
Tools and technologies
Python Django
Responsive web app

Client’s feedback

“Octobot has been an excellent business partner. They understand our context and problems, and help us to find innovative ways to improve our services.”
Miguel Rossi
Miguel RossiCTO