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Every day we see businesses launching innovative solutions for almost everything

It can be challenging to keep up and evolve your product along with your customers needs. To stay ahead of the curve and differentiate your business, you should keep an eye out for the next big thing to incorporate into your solution.

Do you want to transform your business with disruptive innovation, accelerate your growth and stay competitive? These are some of the areas we, as a digital transformation consultant, recommend you take a closer look at.

Digital transformation ideas

Virtual & Augmented Reality

The future of digital products lies beyond the screen. Digital experiences are becoming more sophisticated than ever and users expect software to be innovative, enjoyable, and easy to relate with their daily lives. Research shows the AR & VR market will grow from $3 billion today to $28 billion in 2025.

From developing an AR game for the Geekie Awards to revamping the LA Public Library with fully interactive exhibits, we've the experience to help you build futuristic solutions right now.

28 million total investment in Augment Reality and Virtual Reality by 2025.
28 billion investment in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality by 2025.
Software developers coding.
Men working and looking at computers as a digital transformation consultant.
Pictures of men working and looking at computers.
Machine Learning

Machine Learning is an AI branch that has helped dev teams build smarter apps. Analysts predict its level of sophistication will grow so rapidly during the next decade that disruptive solutions such as self-driving cars and conversational computers will be 100% enabled by AI.

By applying algorithms that improve automatically through experience and data analysis, we’re able to create products that can solve problems and make decisions, providing users with a smoother experience. We've built a number of these algorithms over the years, and we'd be happy to either develop a fresh one for your project or repurpose one of our own.


Many disagree on which coin will end up ruling them all, but it's safe to say that cryptocurrency will play a major role in the economies of the future. Bitcoin is becoming more popular and presents an attractive alternative that can be applied practically to any industry in order to help businesses reduce costs and increase transparency and security.

Investment firms evaluate that it could scale from $ 500 billion nowadays to $ 1-5 trillion in network capitalization during the next 5 to 10 years. If you'd like to get in on the action, we can help – we're major crypto enthusiasts ourselves, and one of our co founders is a self-professed cryptocurrency addict.

Software developers coding.
Pictures of software developers working as a digital transformation consultant.

How do we introduce emerging technologies to our teams?

We put together a R&D team of skilled engineers dedicated to researching and developing new ideas to elevate our work. It’s a space to experiment and discover new technologies, tools and processes to incorporate to our standards, and also detect innovation opportunities in our clients' industries.