Building Reliability

Episode 10: Getting an inside look at the World of SRE

In this episode of Octobot Tech Talks, we delve into the world of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) with Lucas Lanza, our valued Cloud Dev and SRE at Octobot. In this episode, Lucas will share insights into his role, providing valuable knowledge about his key responsibilities, tools, and daily challenges. From ensuring system reliability to optimizing performance and scalability, Lucas offers a wealth of information about the world of SRE. Don’t miss this opportunity to better understand SRE’s vital role in creating and maintaining reliable systems. Tune in to learn from Lucas’ experience and expertise in this exciting discussion.  

Octobot Tech Talks

Octobot Tech Talks is our podcast, a channel to share our experiences in the IT industry and tips for transforming people’s digital experiences. Talking about UX/UI design, coding, agility, teamwork and much more, we engage in conversations with developers, designers and product experts around the world.

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