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Software devs working at the office

What’s Next?

Season 3, episode 01: Octobot’s goals and technology trends for 2023 In the first episode of this third and renewed season of Octobot Tech Talks,

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software developer working with his computer

I am Data Engineer

We’ve talked with our Data Engineers about what Data Engineers do and which are the benefits they bring to teams and companies.

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Dev working on code.

Quality Assurance

QA Engineers Mariano Castillo and Facundo Mallea talk about what it’s like to work with QA, what tools they use, among other things in the world of testing.

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Dev working on the boot camp.

The boot camp

In this episode Ramiro, Alexander, and Juan, Octobot software developers, tell us about the boot camp that junior devs who join the team go through.

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