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Episode 12: Navigating the UX Interview Journey

Join us in this new episode of Octobot Tech Talks as we delve into the importance of understanding users’ needs and perspectives in the UX design process. With Lucia Rossini, one of our designers, we’ll discuss how these interviews can unveil users’ desires, needs, and expectations. She will share her personal experience, illustrating how these conversations transform projects and enrich experiences.Get ready to discover how user interviews can be the light that guides your UX design efforts toward more user-centric solutions.
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Octobot Tech Talks

Octobot Tech Talks is our podcast, a channel to share our experiences in the IT industry and tips for transforming people’s digital experiences. Talking about UX/UI design, coding, agility, teamwork and much more, we engage in conversations with developers, designers and product experts around the world.

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