Talent Acquisition

Season 2, episode 10: meet the team that is dedicated to adding new talent to Octobot

In this episode we talked to Antonella, Mari and Avi, who are part of Octobot’s Talent Acquisition team. They tell us about how the area was created, challenges and learnings, and how is their day to day work looking for new talent to add to the team.

In this episode we mention other editions of Octobot Tech Talks:

If you are interested in learning more about our talent team and their interview process we recommend you to listen to another episode of the podcast called: candidate experience.

Octobot Tech Talks

Octobot Tech Talks is our podcast, a channel to share our experiences in the IT industry and tips for transforming people’s digital experiences. Talking about UX/UI design, coding, agility, teamwork and much more, we engage in conversations with developers, designers and product experts around the world.

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