Living and building a business from the United States

Episode 6: the experience of two Uruguayan founders in the US

Have you already imagined yourself as an entrepreneur? And living in another country? In this special edition of the podcast, two co-founders share their experience developing businesses in Uruguay while living in the United States.

Octobot’s CEO Guillermo Perez, and Federico Toledo, COO of Abstracta, tell their journey moving to the US. Listen to their funny anecdotes, learning points and plans for the future of their careers and companies. 

Octobot Tech Talks

Octobot Tech Talks is our podcast, a channel to share our experiences in the IT industry and tips for transforming people’s digital experiences. Talking about UX/UI design, coding, agility, teamwork and much more, we engage in conversations with developers, designers and product experts around the world.

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