The DNA of an organization: values and purpose

Episode 12: how we created and now live Octobot's values and purpose

In this new episode of Octobot Tech Talks, two of our founders explain why creating values and having a purpose is important when generating successful organizations. Luciano Ferrari, COO, and Guillermo Perez, CEO, talk about the process of putting together Octobot’s values and the purpose that guides us. 

In addition, they discuss the challenges in crafting values and making sure all the team feels part of it, and then the process of sharing them with every collaborator and stakeholder. They’ll also list the advantages of having such concepts and how we live them daily in our work.

You can also read about the advantages of working with Latin American companies like Octobot in our blog post on Outsourcing in Latin America.

Octobot Tech Talks

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