Case Studies

We build software products with a lean approach

Check out some wonderful products that went through this process

We develop some products to show you how we apply the lean approach we believe for successful products


Enhancing your biking experience.

Bycle is a company that has developed an amazing product to enhance your biking experience through a mobile app.

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Empowering you to win globally.

Compas is a consulting firm that guides businesses in their internationalization process.

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Healthcare organization and centre

AMSJ is a Medical care centre, with over 50.000 patients present in more than 5 cities

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Predictions and Forecasts services for Agro.

Agronostico is a company specialized in predictions services for Agricultural enterprises. They have built and developed models that aim to optimize decision making.

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Empowering kids to make healthy choices

CommonBytes is an NGO with the goal of fighting childhood obesity.

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Hire unconventionally

Zealpath is for managers to build teams. By using case studies they enhance your job posts and attract high quality candidates.

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