Unveiling the Value of Evaluations

And 1-on-1 Meetings at Octobot

"The leader of People Care is playing with darts."

In today’s professional landscape, establishing effective evaluation processes and maintaining personal connections with team members is more crucial than ever. At Octobot, the People Care team deploys innovative strategies to guide employees in their personal and professional development through semi-annual evaluations and 1-on-1 meetings.

The Semi-Annual Evaluation Process at Octobot

Every six months, Octobot conducts a self-assessment process that goes beyond mere performance review. I’m Fernanda, the leader of our People Care department, and I want to share how this process becomes a space for employees to reflect on their work and growth.

Key Evaluation Steps:

  • Reflective Self-Evaluation: Employees have the opportunity to rate themselves on Octobot’s core values, which encourages deep reflection on achievements and areas for improvement.
  • 360° Feedback: Team members are invited to provide feedback on their colleagues, generating a comprehensive perspective and allowing employees to understand their impact on colleagues and the team as a whole.
  • Feedback Meetings: Leaders meet with team members to discuss the self-assessment results and the 360 feedback, and provide input on their achievements, areas for improvement, and goals for the future.

This process is not only about assessing performance but also focused on aligning expectations and providing tangible opportunities for professional growth and development.

1-on-1 Meetings: Beyond Day-to-Day Work

The People Care team holds quarterly meetings with the goal of building strong relationships and understanding the individual needs of each team member. 1-on-1 meetings are a powerful tool at Octobot, not only for discussing projects and tasks, but also for connecting on a personal level.

Highlights of 1-on-1 Meetings:
  • Frequency and Flexibility: Scheduled every three months, these meetings last approximately 30 minutes, providing a flexible yet regular space for open communication.
  • Open Structure: Meetings are a safe space to discuss anything – from projects and work challenges, to personal concerns or plans.
  • Concrete Actions: These meetings go beyond conversations; specific actions and commitments are recorded, ensuring that concerns and goals are effectively addressed.

1-on-1 meetings not only provide an opportunity to address work-related issues, but also foster connections between leaders and teams, creating a more collaborative and understanding work environment.

Conclusions and Tangible Benefits

The effective implementation of these processes not only demonstrates Octobot’s commitment to its team’s development, but also creates an environment where employees feel valued and supported. Transparency and open communication are foundational pillars contributing to the success of these initiatives which facilitate the personal and professional growth of all involved.

In summary, at Octobot, semi-annual evaluations and 1-on-1 meetings are not just protocols – they are dynamic tools that fuel a culture of continuous learning and mutual support.

If you’d like to know more about these practices, listen to our podcast for Spanish speakers, Octobot Tech Talks, in which we discuss the evaluation process, 1-to-1, and other activities led by People Care.

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