How to Keep Up-To-Date: Octobot’s Design Team Suggested UX UI Resources

The UX UI resources we use to learn, get inspired, and keep up-to-date

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When you are looking for inspiration, solid data, or tips on UX/UI design, where do you go?

We asked this question to our Design team and they came up with a powerful list of content and professionals that they turn to in order to learn and expand their skills. 

Take a look at their recommendations and if you are a fellow Spanish-speaking UX/UI Designer, you can learn more about our design practices by listening to our Design Lead on this episode of our podcast “Octobot Tech Talks.”

This is what you’ll find in this article:

🎧 podcasts

📚 books

📑 articles, blogs

📱 influencers

🤝 communities

⚙️ tools, platforms

Carolina Angulo

Picture of a woman.

UX & Industrial Designer, music lover and constant learning fan.

🎧 What is Wrong with UX

This is a podcast of the great UXer community, where two designers talk about UX at all levels from their professional experience.

📚 Don Norman’s books

Norman is one of the main UX experts in the last decades. Over time, he wrote about cognitive psychology, usability, and emotional design. 

📑 Medium

In Medium you can find a variety of articles on any design topic you are looking for, with complete case studies, specific topics, recommended processes, etc.

🤝 Service Design Club, UXBS, +Mujeres en UX, MET

There are many Spanish-speaking communities that gather in Discord or Slack channels to help each other continuously. They also give workshops and bootcamps to foster training.

⚙️ Notion 

To organize life, tasks, and even trips!

⚙️ Muzli 

Compiles several portfolio and project pages, like Behance or Dribbble.

Florencia Manganelli

Picture of a woman.

Architect & UX/UI Designer in the making, yoga enthusiast and a bit of a bookworm. Moved by curiosity and empathy since 1990.


Podcast of interviews in Spanish on specific UX/UI topics with different people in the field who tell their experiences and share insights.

📚 The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman

One of the many bedside books on UX design. It is beautiful and a great introduction for exploring the depths of how people work and feel, as well as the responsibility of the designers in this.

📚 Laws of UX by Jon Jon Yablonski

An excellent resource for UXers. I wrote a blog post analyzing some of the laws named in this book and how we’ve applied them in Octobot. You can find it here.

📚 UX Writing en Español 

It’s a book written by the Argentine communicator Marisol Parnofiello, who also has an Instagram account in which she shares good language good practices, specifically UX writing tips, to improve the design experience through solid communication.

📱 UXgoodies 

I follow Ioana Teleanu on Instagram, a UX designer who shares many useful tips, podcasts and info about design and its job market, daily use tools, portfolios, etc.

📱 UI Gradient 

Instagram account that shares useful information about UI trends, as well as case studies, application criteria, graphic resources, and articles that show how important the relationship between UX/UI as complementary designs is.

Inés Carriquiry

Picture of a woman.

Mom, feminist, and a team player UX Designer with more than 14 years designing digital products. Learn more about my experience in this interview.

🎧 Sala UX

If you are just starting out and/or you are interested in understanding the different tools, I recommend this Spanish-speaking podcast that explains in a conversational, clear and complete way the UX/UI processes and tools.

📚 Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely

It is a book that talks about how people make decisions and explains some thinking patterns through many experiments and examples. There is a lot of material about “behavioral design” and it is important knowledge for UXers.

📑 Nielsen Norman Group

The bible for UXers! In this website, there are many videos and articles from general to more specific concepts, always with useful, clear information and lots of inspiration.

📑 Design Better by Invision and Invision’s blog 

These are interesting materials both on UX cases and tools for day-to-day use, as well as how design is strategic for businesses. In fact, they have a small report on Design Maturity Model that is good to evaluate how design is valued in the company where you work or where you would like to work. Another similar report that is a few years old, but still very relevant, is The Business Value of Design by the McKinsey agency.

🤝 +Mujeres en UX and IXDA (if you are not in Uruguay you can look for the chapter corresponding to your country or city)

It is always nice to meet colleagues, chat, ask questions, learn, participate and get involved. Nice conversations, opportunities and friendships arise in these communities.

Luciana Cisneros

Picture of a woman.

Digital graphic designer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

📑 Nielsen Norman Group

Jakob Nielsen is the co-founder of the Nielsen Norman Group, which conducts research, provides training, and offers advice in the field of user experience. 

📱 Zander Whitehurst 

Instagram account created by Zander Whitehurst, UX/UI designer who shares tips for creating components in Figma quickly. 

📱Mel Von Pato

Fantastic UX/UI Design Content Creator. Worth following!

🤝 +Mujeres en UX

Community of women working in UX eager to learn and share their experiences and knowledge. This community is located in several countries around the world.

⚙️ Behance and awwwards

Platforms where everyone can show their work, connect with other talents, get ideas, and exchange opinions. It is a great source of inspiration when it comes to approaching a project.

⚙️ Screenlane 

Inspirational resource for web and mobile user interface design.

Nicolas Labat

Picture of a man.

Graphic designer currently working in UI. Curious and in search of constant growth possibilities. Surf photography enthusiast.

📑 Laws of UX

Brings clear practices that designers should follow to create good products with the user in mind.

📑 The 11 Principles of Design 

The foundation and key principles of design.

📑 UX Collective

Website and app that shares short and good articles. Also gets around on Twitter.

📱 Zander Whitehurst 

Offers quick tips for UI and Figma.

📱UX/UI Twitter topics 

By following this, you come across tips, articles, cases, trends, discussions, etc.

Would you add anything else to this list of UX UI resources?

Feel free to contact us here or on our social media to share your own suggestions!

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