Presenting: Octobot Tech Talks

Last June we launched Octobot Tech Talks

It’s a podcast to share our experiences in the IT industry and tips for transforming people’s digital experiences. Talking about UX/UI design, coding, agility, teamwork and much more, we engage in conversations with developers, designers and product experts around the world. Early episodes are geared toward a Spanish speaking audience to connect with talent in Latin America, but we’re launching English content soon.

In this post, we provide a summary of the episodes published thus far, a sneak peek to spark your interest. Get to know Octobot Tech Talks and join the conversation!

Episode #1: A love story between design and development

Three UX designers talk about how the collaboration between design and development is similar to a love story ❤️ They discuss the design process we execute at Octobot following the Design Thinking principles, and describe how they work creatively in an equitable exchange to ensure projects go as smoothly and productively as possible. A relationship win!

Episode #2: Career Framework: a guide for development

Octobot’s COO talks about the team’s professional development process and how it’s supported via a tool called Career Framework 💪 He talks about this tool’s responsibilities and benefits, implementation and our learning process, as well as offering tips for designing your own career path in the tech industry.

Episode #3: Octobot: the untold story

Would you like to know the story of Octobot? 🐙 How did it start, who’s been a part of the journey and what has changed over time? These are just some of the questions and stories our three founders answer in the third episode of Octobot Tech Talks.

Episode #4: What’s it like to be a Junior Developer?

Three of our developers share their experiences getting started in the industry. They talk about professional growth and what it’s like to be a junior dev, their learning paths and how to balance studies and work life. They also provide tips for those considering a career in software development 🧑‍💻

Episode #5: How do we define our tech stack?

Our CTO explains how we selected the technologies that are part of our preferred stack and our practices for keeping it updated ⏰ He also shares how we find balance between providing our clients with the right solutions for their needs and motivating our team to try new technologies and staying current.

And they keep coming!

New episodes will be released every other week, so stay tuned! You can follow us on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and other platforms. Find them all here.

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