Outsourcing software development in Uruguay

Outsourcing software development in Uruguay

Key reasons why you should choose a nearshore Outsourcing software development:

Nowadays, many Latin American countries are offering a nearshore Outsourcing software development, for example creating startups, but it is not easy to find one with the benefits of Uruguay.

Time zone:

In comparison to Asiatic countries, such as India and China, which have around 13.5 hours of difference, Uruguay has from 5 to 1 hour of difference, depending in which part of USA you are located. Also technology has shortened distances, by arranging a virtual Skype call, or chatting by Slack, you can easy contact developers in Latin America.


Normally, hiring a successful outsourcing developers in the USA, cost from $80 to $150 per hour, but in Latin America, you can find developers with the same knowledge from $ 40 to $70 per hour.

Infrastructure technological services:

In  2010, Antel, the uruguayan company in charge of communication, started working on a project in order  to instal an optical fiber around the country, so that people could have a quicker access to internet.

Nowadays, 58% of Uruguay’s population has direct access to internet. In comparison to other countries of Latin America, it is located in the first place with Chile and Argentina, (57%) After them come: Puerto Rico(55%), Colombia(50%), Costa Rica(47%) and Dominican Republic (41%).

Also, it is considered to be the country which has the fastest access to internet in Latin America, and the 54th of the world.

Another project done in 2007 by the Uruguayan government was the  Plan Ceibal, which consisted in giving a laptop and access to internet, to every child and teacher attending the public school. This project was done to promote and familiarize children and teachers with technology.


As Latin American developers, Uruguayan developers are well known for being creative, working in group, and maintaining frequent contact with their clients. They are used to give feedback to them, and work until a certain deadline. Also, they are very flexible engineers, open to listen to their clients opinions and recommendations.

Education and Universities:

Despite, Uruguay is a small country, with a 3.3 million population and 176,000 square kilometers, it is well known for its public or private education.  In the 60´s, the IT careers installed in the country, and since then they grow and progress permanently. Compared to other countries of Latin America, Uruguay is well positioned in the technological industry.

On the other hand, English language is also important for the country, that´s why many schools teach the language since kindergarden. According to the data collected on a survey, 84% of the students that study a technological career, knows how to write and read English fluently.