We are super excited to introduce our new logo

We are super excited to introduce our new logo

In 2014 we started Octobot, a young company that wanted to create cool apps for startups. After 4 successful years in business and many executed project we decided it was time to work on our first brand update.

But… why?

Before starting our rebranding process, we studied our current logo to identify and list all its problems. The main ones’ we found were:

  • It was too childish
  • It didn’t have any “bot” on it
  • It was kind of similar to the Octocat
  • It didn’t have 8 (octo) legs
  • It didn’t receive any update in more than 4 years

So, with these issues clearly identified, we jumped into the task of solving them.

The process

First, we started with the obvious solutions, adding more legs or changing the legs…

The result wasn’t good at all! So, we started to play with the “bot” idea.

But the result was very weird! So this time, we started to play with other ideas like different shapes…

Or even without using an octopus at all!

Wait a minute!

After many iterations, we realized that we were losing focus. So, we started over but this time with a clear idea of what we were looking for.

First, we knew that we wanted to keep the essence of the original logo, like the shape of the head and the colors.

Secondly, we wanted to represent our company values. Since being agile is in Octobot’s core, we wanted our logo to look something similar to the classic illustration of this concept.

So, with the combination of these two things, our new logo was born!

The result

This new logo solves all the problems we wanted to fix. Represents our company values, is an evolution of the original logo, and shows a more mature image of our company that reflects what we are after 4 years in business.

We hope you all enjoy and love our new logo as much as we do!