Regarding COVID-19

Regarding COVID-19

Last Friday March 13th, Uruguay joined the list of countries with confirmed diagnosis of patients with COVID-19 disease. From then on, over the last 48 hours, there was a swift response both by citizens and government agencies to avoid gatherings and other activities in order to contain the current outbreak of the disease. We celebrate this round of evidence-driven and prompt decisions and encourage everybody to be compliant with the authorities’ requests.

At Octobot, we guide our actions based on our values, such as Think with empathy and Adapt to change. In line with these, we decided on Saturday to adopt all measures available to our organization to help local efforts with this epidemic in order to help the most vulnerable with this disease.

We have made mandatory to all of our staff members to work from home and encourage them to avoid going out. This is a departure from our remote policy, which is reserved and limited. While we have full capability to work remotely, thus making this change disruption-less, we cherish working together and value face-to-face interactions for a better communication and delivery.

Most importantly, our fundamental value is to Be Committed and even more on the difficult times ahead. To our clients, this company and our team will be committed to push ahead your projects and the development of all your goals. To our community and team, we are committed to the health and wellbeing of everybody involved, which will be our priority when making decisions regarding this epidemic.

On a final note, we are optimistic and hopeful of what we, as a society, can do when facing the deep challenges this epidemic is set to bring about. Stay home, stay safe.

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