Octobot Celebrates 8 Years and Counting!

From a garage startup led by 3 co-founders, we became an ever-growing team

This month, Octobot celebrated 8 years. As you can imagine, after all this time, we have many stories to tell: people who were part of our journey, digital products we helped build, and a track record of successful projects that transformed, and continue transforming, people’s experiences.

Octobot’s team is composed of many areas and teams that work together towards our goal of creating impactful apps. Some of these teams are directly dedicated to app development, such as our designers and developers; others have a more supportive role, composed of people generating the necessary resources and talent, such as marketing, HR, and more.

While all of our professionals dedicate themselves to different tasks, from coding to organizing events, from designing and interviewing users to managing social media and selection processes, there’s something all of them have in common. Their motivation to come to work every day is what makes Octobot the company it is. Collaboration is key for every Octoboter and we know that we become better versions of ourselves by interacting with and learning from each other. More than coworkers, we become friends who hang out after hours, for lunch, and other team building activities.

We’ve had many challenges along the way. From a garage startup led by 3 co-founders, we became an ever-growing team, spread across 4 countries and combining many capabilities. We’ve learned to work in different projects and business contexts, since our clients range from startups to huge enterprises. Our skill set expanded to include all kinds of web and mobile technologies, design tools, and work methodologies that make us more efficient. 

We learned how to overcome every technical challenge that has come our way. We’ve traveled all around the USA to meet our partners and feel closer to them. We’ve seen undergraduate junior devs become international events’ speakers and community leaders. Over 8 years, we’ve moved 4 times. Each time the office becomes too small to host our team and our dreams, so we upgrade to bigger spaces. By the way, have you seen where we’re located nowadays?

And what do we envision for the next 8 years, you may ask? Much more growth. Bigger offices, international expansion, new areas, innovative products built with technologies that today don’t even exist. The sky’s the limit! Our collaborative energy and people-oriented culture won’t change, though. This is what sets us apart.

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Different pictures of Octobot team

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