Celebrating Our Anniversary of Innovation and Growth

What Octobot’s Ninth Year Has Been Like


It’s that time of the year again – a time for celebration and reflection: Octobot is turning nine! We want to celebrate this milestone by looking back on all the great things our team has achieved in 2023. 

A Great Place to Work

One of our proudest achievements this year was earning –once again– the recognition as a Great Place to Work®. We are especially thrilled to be recognized by them as one of the top 5 companies for young professionals to thrive in Uruguay as well, which highlights our dedication to providing an ideal environment for the growth and development of the industry’s future leaders.

Growing Our Team

This year saw significant growth in our teams, with an increasing number of Octoboters joining us in Uruguay, Argentina, and Colombia. We have put a lot of effort into optimizing our organizational structure to ensure we grow stronger while retaining our core values. Our introduction of specialized studios – Software Engineering, Product Design, Data Engineering, Quality, SRE, Product Delivery, and Staff Augmentation – has improved the way we work, empowering our culture of innovation and knowledge sharing that continues to drive our success. If you want to know more about all the latest updates regarding our new studios, stay tuned to our channels!

Navigating Challenges

In a year filled with uncertainty and change in the tech world, we faced challenges head-on. We reviewed our strategies and adapted to shifting priorities. We’re proud to say that our flexibility allowed us to grow. Our founders and Client Partners took to the road and traveled around the United States to stay closer than ever to our clients and expand our network.

Cultivating Our Values and Culture

Our company culture has always been an essential part of our success. This year, we dedicated ourselves to strengthening our recruitment process and cultural interviews to ensure our growth doesn’t drift us away from our core values. Also, we took our time to review our technical evaluation to make sure we were truly able to identify candidates’ skills, strengths, and areas of improvement with a renewed and updated career framework where our roles and responsibilities are clearly defined to focus on outcomes rather than tasks. By doing so, we not only enhance our internal relationships, but also our relationships with clients by offering dedicated, committed, and curious team members.

Building Stronger Bonds

Throughout the year, we organized a series of team-building activities that brought us closer than ever. We gathered every other Wednesday in our Montevideo office to share a meal prepared by our in-house chef, fostering our sense of community and sparking a lot of interesting conversations. Additionally, our OctoDay provided the perfect opportunity for both new and old colleagues to come together for a fun-filled day.


For the first time in our history, we organized an OctoTrip to Cordoba, Argentina. More than half of the  team traveled there to work together for a week and share in leisure activities that ranged from hiking and escape rooms to special dinners. This experience aligned perfectly with our commitment to bringing our people together and forming strong relationships.

Getting Involved in the Community

Our dedication to collaborating with the tech community remained one of our main goals. We continued to share valuable insights and information through our Octobot Tech Talks, our podcast for Spanish speakers, and we created OctoTalks, a new podcast in English about outstanding industry people. Additionally, our blog remained active, providing technical advice and insights about industry trends to our community. We actively participated in local meetups and even had two of our software engineers present talks at DjangoCon US in Durham, North Carolina. It was our third time joining the event as speakers!

As we celebrate our ninth year, we want to express our gratitude for the trust our clients have placed in us and for the dedication of our talented team. We are thrilled to have come this far and excited for our journey ahead. Here’s to another year of growth, innovation, and building lasting relationships with our clients and colleagues!

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