2022, a Year to Level up Our Talent

Cultivating a team of inspired, collaborative, ever-growing professionals

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We’re so ready for 2022! After the year that was the best one in Octobot’s history, we started 2022 with the ambitious goal of leveling up our operations and taking our purpose of transforming people’s digital experiences to the next level.

What does it mean? It means we want to use our growth as leverage to expand our reach and bring more value to our clients and our talented team. 

To get there, one of our main goals this year is to keep growing the team while increasing our talent density. Let’s dive a little deeper into this idea.

What does talent density mean?

The “talent density” concept has become well known recently thanks to the book “No Rules Rule”, by Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings and author Erin Meyer. It relates to the idea of having abundant talent within an organization and how exceptional work attracts its equals. They highlight a series of strategies that companies should implement in order to keep high-performing professionals motivated and engaged, decreasing the risk of losing them.
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Increasing our talent density in our own, unique way

In 2021, many talented professionals joined Octobot. Today, we’re 65+ team members and now, as we boost our efforts to continue hiring people that are great at what they do, we also want to keep the folks who are already here happy and engaged! For that, it was important to consolidate a new People Care department, totally dedicated to fostering a work environment where everyone feels welcome and eager to participate.

Learning opportunities

Octobot has always been known as a company where bright young developers educate themselves and learn in a practical, secure environment. Because of this, we decided to invest even more in learning practices and offer our team, from junior to senior roles, more opportunities to evolve their skills.

Nowadays, our team members are able to count on financial support to complete courses, attend conferences, and purchase books – or any other materials they require. Another important practice we implemented was the opportunity to dedicate time within the working hours to study. If you want to join a workshop or a congress, you’re more than welcome to do so inside the 8 hours you dedicate to the company.  In addition, our team leaders will find even more occasions to share their experiences, training initiatives focused on soft skills, and coaching for improving their leadership skills.

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Self-development tools

We also intend to further develop our internal processes. This would include improving our Career Framework and implementing a new feedback methodology based on the “Radical Candor” book , so we can elevate our agile iterative culture.

To support our team in their process of growth and self-development, we want to introduce the Enneagram test to all of our teams. We want to facilitate our people’s self-discovery, so they can better understand their personality type. It helps identify their strengths, and the weaknesses they should work on.

Wellness focus

Besides giving our team more tools to expand their skills, we also want to provide moments of fun and self-care. For 2022, many of our People Care programs are connected with promoting team wellness and generating spaces where we can all get together to chill, enjoy ourselves, and get to know each other more. Monthly happy hours and team building activities, an in-house chef, and our reward & recognition system based on the Karma app are just a few examples.

Octobot was conceived as a place where team members learn, have fun, create meaningful connections, and face inspiring challenges. We are excited to continue building and encouraging this kind of work environment. Talent attracts talent, that’s our mantra for this year.

2022 so far (July update)

2022 has been a great journey so far and we’re especially proud of being recognized as one of Clutch’s 2022 Top Companies! You can read all about it in the link. And 2022 is far from over so let’s keep rocking it!

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