Face to Face Communication: a key principle in our culture

One of the main principles of Octobot culture is fluent communication and transparency with our partners and clients. Before starting any project we usually present different kind of tools to use for communication in a daily basis and arrange regular meetings during Sprint execution. We always highlight to our clients that they will have full access to communicate with everyone involved during and after project execution, and emphasize the fact that we are only one hour ahead of the east coast time, so we share similar time zones.

But besides all of this digital ways of communication we believe that nothing beats face to face communication, thus we usually try to go to visit our clients to their hometown for Sprint 0 or the last iterations at the end of the project.

During the last months we worked in Puppy Mama project, a social media app that provides a platform for puppy mamas to connect and share with one another, set up puppy play dates, and rate businesses, hotels, restaurants, bars, transportation, and workspaces according to their dog-friendliness.

Once the launch date was confirmed we headed to Puppy Mama’s hometown in order to execute the last sprint side by side with Puppy Mama team, with the idea to polish and deliver the final iteration of features of Puppy Mama App.

So we packed our bags and headed to San Francisco!

Three software professionals in San Francisco.

Once we arrived we got to work side by side with Puppy Mama team in order to finish the last features, polish and test Puppy Mama WebApp to have a successful launch at the end of the week.

Professionals having a discussion.

Our team commitment in delivering quality products on time is another key aspect of our culture, we always give our best effort to finish sprints and deliver the product on the time we agreed before starting the project. This is something all of our clients remark from us and is something worth celebrate.

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