Octobot will be present in the DjangoCon 2019

Octobot will be present in the DjangoCon 2019

We are super excited to be part of the DjangoCon later this year, not only as attendants but as speakers as well! On September 22, a team of 7 will flight from Montevideo-Uruguay to San Diego-California, to join this fantastic event for a week.

Here at Octobot, Django has been a core technology since day one, so we are thrilled for the opportunity to catch up with its latest trends, learn about others people experiences, meet with clients and friends, and of course… enjoy a few days in beautiful California!

DjangoCon banner

Although all of this sounds amazing by itself, this year has the extra ingredient of doing a presentation. We are going to share our experience using Django in a tech talk, where we will discuss how we built an online digital id for a whole country using Django (sneak peek the case study here).

Being selected to do this talk makes us super proud of the work we are doing at Octobot. To have developed a project that has a real impact on other people lives and that was chosen to be shared among the Django community is a boost of energy for all of us!

In the next weeks, we are going to share more info about this, but if you don’t want to miss any detail from this adventure, follow us on Instagram, where we will post regular updates from the event!

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