7 Years, 7 Facts

Celebrating our 7th anniversary 🥳

Octobot logo on a wall.

October is a festive month in Octobot because of our anniversary on the 31st. In 2021, we complete 7 years of existence. It’s amazing to look back and see how Octobot has evolved, mainly thanks to the fantastic professionals who have joined the initial team and helped us achieve higher goals year over year. From the 3-people founding team who got the company started in a borrowed room, to a startup operated from a garage, and now a blooming business with 50+ professionals giving their best every day.

Would you like to know more about our reasons to celebrate? Take a look at the following facts that define our way of doing business. Seven years, seven facts, many lives impacted and digital experiences transformed!

#1 We grow steadily

Since day 1, Octobot has grown exponentially in terms of revenue and people. One of the most important factors for this growth is the continuous improvement of our processes and practices, since we follow an agile culture that inspires us in our work. We are not afraid to shake things up – to transform, to innovate – much like the rebranding we experienced in 2018. Now in 2021 we’re getting ready for a major change in our business: we’re moving to brand new offices! Can’t wait 🙂

General team meeting.

#2 We build a remarkable culture

At the foundation of our success is our culture, something we prioritize because we believe it sets the tone for a healthy, productive and positive work environment. Our culture is well represented by our 5 company values, which describe how we work together and what we value as a team. 

Another vital aspect of our culture is our Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP), a phrase that summarizes our goal as a business: transform people’s digital experiences. Even though these cultural assets won’t change over time, we are continuously evaluating their impact in the organization and taking action upon these metrics. In addition, they work as a lighthouse, providing guidance when setting our objectives.

#3 We advocate for excellence

Keeping high standards is one of our company values, translating our passion for building user-loved products that make a real impact in people’s lives. That’s what has guided us to define our tech stack and incorporate new technologies and tools. Also, we share the knowledge we develop internally with others by leading a web development meetup and being speakers in tech events such as the DjangoCon and O’Reilly Conference.

#4 We find and retain the right talent

Octobot is all about its people, therefore we take our time to find the right professionals to join the team. Our selection process has evolved over the years, with the objective of identifying the best candidates that would fit not only the technical requirements, but also the cultural ones. It’s important for us to hire individuals that are kin to our values and purpose, that enjoy collaborating towards a common goal, and that bring excellent skills to the table.

We do everything in our power to provide our team members with a great experience, taking care of and supporting them. The company grows when they grow, so we like to foster a friendly working environment where everyone can be and learn whatever they are most interested in. Therefore, we offer many benefits and have internal practices in place to make them feel appreciated and supported such as our career framework, implemented in 2020. Fun activities are also part of our strategy, since we believe they help our team members bond and improve their communication skills, such as team building activities, afters, and even setting a temporary office in the United States so they can work closer to our clients.

Octobot's mascot in New York City.

#5 More than clients, partners

When a potential client reaches out to us, we put all of our effort into understanding their needs and coming up with the best solutions. As soon as we start working together, we feel ownership towards their project and their goal becomes our goal: we do our best to meet their expectations and even to exceed them! That’s what differentiates us from simple providers; we’re ready to go all in for their success. Their appreciation for our commitment can be seen in the high percentage of partners that re-engage in projects with us more than once, and also in their positive comments in our Clutch profile, resulting in an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

We’re motivated by creating digital products that amaze users and provide our partners with tangible results. For that, we believe it’s important to give our teams autonomy to make decisions and set the course for their projects. To support them in this process, we offer different incentives, such as investing in training and conferences, organizing internal workshops, and facilitating team communication with great tools and practices.

#6 We believe in gender equality

In Octobot, almost 50% of our workforce is female and they are present in every area, from human resources to software development. We keep working towards a more egalitarian reality because we believe that a diverse workforce is better for everyone: products become more inclusive, team members learn more from each other, and final users get a better experience.

Over the years we have participated in initiatives with a focus on gender equality, as the national event “Techy por el Dia”, in which young girls come to our office to learn about the opportunities in the ICT industry; and the UN program “Win-Win: Gender equality means good business” that foster inclusive practices in businesses.

#7 We adapt in the face of adversity

2020 was a tough year for everybody. After a very promising beginning, we faced the pandemic’s spread and its consequences: clients shutting down projects, closing our offices, and team members feeling worried and insecure. The prognosis was scary, but we decided that, no matter what, we’d end the year better than we started.

Following our value of adapting to change, we embraced the pandemic as an opportunity to focus on improving internal processes, giving extra support to our clients, and embracing the remote work modality.

Diagram showing the evolution of Octobot over the years.

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