Octobot in 2023: Our Objectives and Key Results

What the new year looks like for us

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Are you familiar with the OKR framework? Objectives and Key Results are a set of principles and practices that help organizations achieve their goals while valuing collaboration, focus, transparency, and continuous improvement. In this blog post we want to share Octobot’s OKRs for 2023: the goals we’ll be pursuing and the path to achieving them.

But first, let’s understand the methodology better.

A brief explanation of OKRs

Objectives are what generates enthusiasm for where we want to go and the “what” we want to achieve. Key Results are indicators that have an initial value and a desired value. They mark the start point and how we will move toward the finish line;  they show progress toward our objective. The third part of this framework are the Initiatives, which describe the work we will implement to influence the Key Results and achieve the Objective.

We’ll be launching more content about OKRs and how to generate your own soon, so stay tuned!

Octobot’s Objectives and Key Results

At Octobot, we are excited to share our objectives and key results for the year ahead. Our leadership team has worked tirelessly to analyze and refine our goals, ensuring that they are ambitious, achievable, and aligned with our values and mission. 

This year, we set three core objectives that we believe will enable us to grow efficiently while staying true to our core values and strengths. Each objective is supported by specific, measurable targets that will guide our efforts and help us track our progress. 

We are committed to achieving these goals and delivering outstanding results for our clients, our team, and our community. 

Let’s dive into our OKRs for 2023.

Scale our essence

Our first objective is to scale our essence. We want to achieve efficient growth while preserving what made us special in the first place. This includes our highly talented team, the close relationships we generate, the timely delivery of high-quality projects, and highly satisfied clients and users.

To achieve this objective, we aim to introduce a new operational structure to 100% of our teams. This will include different roles that focus on varying aspects of the project in order to guarantee its success; we also want to reach a positive NPS among our team members and get to 90% of Octoboters being promoters of the organization; finally, we aim to reduce team attrition to 15%. 

These key results will help us maintain our culture and values while expanding our capabilities and improving the employee experience. By achieving them, we can continue to provide exceptional service to our clients and users while growing as a company.

Reach Octobot’s next level

Our second goal is to reach Octobot’s next level. We have evolved significantly over the past years, taking on initiatives that were once unthinkable. We want to continue pushing our boundaries and increasing Octobot’s impact. We want to pursue new projects, partner with new clients, and welcome more great professionals to our team.

This will be supported by building a strong company with a diverse client base and an attractive workplace culture that continues to retain the best talent. Our goal is to continue evolving while maintaining our commitment to excellence and innovation.

To achieve this objective, our main initiatives are to increase the number of services we provide to our existing clients while bringing in new partners and closing projects with new collaborative companies. Also, we plan to double our team by hiring more developers and designers in Latin America.

By meeting these key results, we will be able to take Octobot to the next level – expand our capabilities, increase revenue, and build a strong, sustainable business for the future. These goals will help us remain competitive in the market, continue to provide high-quality services to our clients, and attract top talent to support our growth.

Elevate how we transform people’s digital experiences

Our third and last objective is to elevate how we transform people’s digital experiences, which is our Massive Transformative Purpose as a company. To achieve this, we believe it’s necessary to expand the range of services we offer, while improving and strengthening existing ones.

To remain a trusted partner for digital transformation, we will be elevating our capabilities in UX/UI, Staff Augmentation, SRE, and Data Engineering. Also, we’re adding a new service to the team: the Product Management role. 

The ultimate goal is to become a company capable of providing our clients with anything they need in order to deliver transformative software to the world. By achieving this objective, we will be able to take on more ambitious projects and provide more comprehensive and impactful solutions to our clients. 

A happy 2023 for us all!

A new year means new opportunities for a better and higher ground. We’re inspired by our goals and would love to know yours – especially if they include increasing your software development power!

Feel free to tell us all about your 2023 goals by contacting us here.